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The beginner is one who has never sewn before, or is still unfamiliar with most fashion sewing techniques. Instructions are fully illustrated and written to an audience that needs detailed instruction for nearly every step. The top row of patterns are the recommended skill building pattern series for the complete novice. Beginning with the knapsack, through to the hat, beginners learn everything from how to sew a seam to zippers and understitching. The second row of patterns listed are good skill builders, and not too difficult for the beginner.

Click on the pattern cover for specific pattern information.

Draw String Backpack
Stage 1:
Draw String Backpack
$5.95 USD
Style #LN100
Starter Skirt
Stage 2:
Design: Starter Skirt
$22.95 USD
Style #LN1000
Cloche Hat
Stage 3:
Design: Cloche Hat
$7.95 USD
Style #LN101
Southern Belle
Design: Southern Belle
$16.95 USD
Style #LN8503
Clara Bow Apron
Design: Clara Bow Apron
$7.95 USD
Style #LN102
Valentine Full Slip
Design: Valentine
$14.95 USD
Style #LN1207
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