The Cottage License

Terms and Condition of Sale

This notice is included on the back of every pattern: "The sale of this pattern is intended for private use. Any use of this design with the intent to reproduce the pattern or garment [made from the pattern]...without prior permission is forbidden."

The point I hope you take from this is that I, the designer, am offering up my creations for your personal enjoyment, but as a condition of sale, you agree you will not copy the pattern, or to sell the garment you make from it under any condition.

For those of you who are in business and intend to sell a garment made from a copyrighted patern design - on ebay, Etsy, at craft fairs, bazaars, or through any type of shop, under the terms of the sale, you agree to purchase a license. Otherwise, please do not purchase from us.

What is a Cottage License?

A Cottage License is an agreement that authorizes the use of a copyrighed design and pattern(s) for repeated use in a low production home environment for income purposes, both with or without the name of the pattern company.

What a Cottage License does not allow

A Cottage License does not extend to, nor give permission to copy or reproduce the pattern or any part of the packaging or instructions. Of course your pattern can be shared with anyone just like you would loan a book or video, but copyright law prohibits all types of replication, even digitally. It also does not extend to companies or corporations producing ready to wear in factories for high volume production.


~You get referrals.
We am frequently asked for referrals from the non-sewing public where to buy garments produced from my patterns. Being a licensed provider means we can quickly direct them to you.

~You get advertising.
With your permission, your listing is included on our website. At times we have included vendors in paid print or web advertising.

~You get professionally made tags.
With your license, We will send you hang tags to include with each product made from my pattern. A hang tag helps identify your product as unique, professional, and quality made. Combine it with your own tag, or use it alone, just add the price. Though not required, by agreeing to include it, We give a $10 discount from your total. Need more tags? Download and print the tag PDF right here:

~You give attribution.
The purchase of a cottage license acknowledges the vital role the original pattern has in your overall success, for without a pattern, you have no product to sell. According to Wikipedia, providing copyright attribution " widely regarded as a sign of decency and respect to acknowledge the creator by giving him/her credit for the work."


We offer several licenses types to accommodate different needs. Patterns are sold separately from the license. A license for one pattern, renewed yearly is $35. Please inquire about other types of agreements.

The Cottage License Application

Please download the license application and send the completed form by mail, fax, or email.

Please CLICK HERE to download the PDF form.

Thank you for your interest!

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