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-----ALL PATTERNS-----

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The Ginseng Dress
Design: The Ginseng Dress
$18.95 USD
Style #LN1516
The Victory Bolero Jacket
Design: The Victory Jacket
$14.95 USD
Style #LN1414
The Ehlen Blouse
Design: The Ehlen Blouse
$16.95 USD
Style #LN1313
The Fifth Avenue
Design: Fifth Avenue
$26.95 USD
Style #LN1311
The Tia Dress
Design: The Tia Dress
$18.95 USD
Style #LN1312
Beatrice Pocket Dress
Design: Beatrice Pocket Dress
$18.95 USD
Style #LN1310
Spin Skirt
Design: Spin Skirt
$16.95 USD
Style #LN1209
Pretty Petticoat
Design: Crinoline Petticoat
$14.95 USD
Style #LN1208
Valentine Full Slip
Design: Valentine
$14.95 USD
Style #LN1207
The Phantom
Design: Phantom
$18.95 USD
Style #LN1106
Design: Fantasia
$18.95 USD
Style #LN9005
Southern Belle
Design: Southern Belle
$16.95 USD
Style #LN8503
Design: Constance
$16.95 USD
Style #LN8404
Design: Myrtle Wood
$18.95 USD
Style #LN7401
Starter Skirt
Design: Starter Skirt
$22.95 USD
Style #LN1000
Design: Pendleton
$19.95 USD
Style #LN1415
Clara Bow Apron
Design: Clara Bow Apron
$7.95 USD
Style #LN102
Cloche Hat
Design: Cloche Hat
$7.95 USD
Style #LN101
Draw String Backpack
Design: Draw String Backpack
$5.95 USD
Style #LN100
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